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Portuguese nationality

Portugal,  greatly facilitates the descendants of deportees and does not require passing tests, knowing a language or even reaching Portugal. Portugal grants the local Jewish community the right to decide whether an applicant for citizenship is a Jew of Spanish descent.

Since the committee members in the communities know Hebrew and English, there is no need for a notarized translation and certification of all the documents to prove the applicant's Jewishness and Spanish origin, and therefore the Portuguese track is more friendly for an applicant for European citizenship.


Following an eviction order in 1492, the Jews of Spain were expelled from their homes. Approximately two-thirds of these individuals fled to Portugal; however, five years later, a similar expulsion order was issued to the Jews in Portugal. As a result, applicants now have the choice of acquiring nationality in Portugal.

Since April 2015, Portugal has been granting citizenship to descendants of the Jews expelled from Portugal as well as those who fled Spain.


How to obtain Portuguese citizenship?


Our office is working in full cooperation with the Jewish community in Portugal, the organization that has been granted the authority to decide the validity of claims made by the Jewish descendants of deportees.

The first stage of the application process involves sending the Jewish community in Portugal a request for recognition as a Jewish descendants of a deportee along with various documents to support your claim.

Once the community decides that you are indeed a descendant of the expelled Jews, a certificate is issued acknowledging recognition of this fact by local authorities. We than submit to Portuguese authorities an official request for citizenship, which is supported by the certificate awarded by the Jewish community and all other necessary documentation.

How can I obtain an European passport?


Portuguese citizens are entitled to a Portuguese passport; i.e., a passport of the European Union. The process involved in obtaining a passport at the embassy usually takes 2-4 weeks.


Is a Portuguese passport consider as a European passport?


Yes, a Portuguese passport is a passport of the European Union, with all of the benefits that entails: 

  • Freedom of movement and the right to work in all EU countries.

  • Freedom to study for free or at a substantial discount according to the statutes of academic institutions in that country.

  • Access to social benefits.

  • Freedom of entry into the US without the need for a tourist visa.

  • Admittance to countries which cannot be entered using other passports


What are the countries to which Jews fled Portugal?

Netherlands, England, Turkey, North America, Gilbaltar, Morocco, South France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Al-Zeer, Belgium, South American countries primarily but not exclusively: Brazil, Mexico and Argentina


Our law practice works closely with the Portuguese representative and with the Jewish community in Portugal, who was granted the authority by law to decide the eligibility of a candidate to be considered as descendants of Jews expelled from Portugal.

This professional combination significantly increases the chances of success of our clients.

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